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The fierce battle in the Chinese Super League is going on, but the fully closed tournament system will always make players and fans feel that something is missing? The Suzhou Division recently held a culinary cultural experience in the hotel where the eight teams stayed: player representatives from the eight teams, through a lottery method, tasted their own one of the 16 different Su-style noodles.

Little bridges and flowing water, pink walls and black tiles, Wu Nong's soft words, the song "A Dream in the Garden" sings full of love, hatred and sadness, Gusu is prosperous. Jiangnan water town, classical gardens, Suzhou has always been a poetic and romantic place. Such a famous historical and cultural city seems to have nothing to do with football or even sports.

However, Suzhou is using its own way to brand football. Even, just like the 16 bowls of Su-style noodles introduced to the Chinese Super League players, such as three prawn noodles, Ozao noodles, fried fish noodles, bald butter noodles, scallion noodles, mutton noodles, and fan cold noodles introduced to the Chinese Super League players-the first place in the Chinese Super League At this stage, the delicate and exquisite Suzhou began to smell of football. This may just be a "topping" for the city's brilliance.

Exquisite Suzhou is full of football flavor

Chen Xuyuan, chairman of the Chinese Football Association, said that in the semifinals of the Chinese Super League, the first step is to choose the competition area, provided that the full support of the local government is obtained. "The local government has actually taken a lot of pressure and responsibility. I would like to thank the Dalian and Suzhou municipal governments for their support of the whole city. We have established an organizing committee, and the mayors of the two places serve as the directors of the local organizing committees. ."

Suzhou Sports Center

Suzhou Olympic Sports Center

In addition to government support, strong hardware and software resources are also essential. The eight teams are gathered together to play the game system, and the host city must have rich experience in running the game, a developed traffic network and enough stadiums that meet the standards. Interestingly, these conditions are met in Suzhou. Suzhou currently has four stadiums that meet the standards and have hosted international events. Among them, the Suzhou Olympic Sports Center, Suzhou Sports Center Stadium and Kunshan Sports Center Stadium are used as venues for the Suzhou Division of the Super League.

Kunshan Sports Center Stadium

In terms of team training and logistics support, Suzhou is also well prepared. The team’s resident Taimei Xiangguli Hotel is less than 1 km away from the Suzhou Taihu Football Sports Center. Players can walk to the training ground. Each team lives in a separate building with independent dining areas and meeting rooms, and is managed in a closed manner according to the "Olympic Village" model. Suzhou Taihu Football Sports Center has 12.5 football fields, of which the natural grass reaches the national first-level standard, and the artificial grass reaches the FIFA recommended one star, which can fully meet the training needs of eight teams.

Football carries citizens' emotional sustenance

Bring the scene back to the Chinese Super League players to experience eating Suzhou noodles: Beijing Guoan’s captain Yu Dabao ate the three-prawn noodles with the most local seasonal characteristics; Tianjin TEDA player Zheng Kaimu drew the fried fish noodles. As a native of Shanghai, he said One type of noodles is no stranger; SIPG U23 player Chen Chunxin eats Kunshan characteristic Ozao noodles. Coincidentally, the SIPG team won two consecutive victories at the start of the new season, and the stadium for the game happened to be in the Kunshan Sports Center. The most expensive and the most expensive one to eat noodles is Li Shenglong, another representative of SIPG. He was very lucky. What he drew was bald butter noodles: made from the meat of the "June Yellow" hairy crabs of the season.

Isn't it just a show for the Chinese Super League players to eat Suzhou noodles? In my opinion, it is definitely not the case. The biggest charm of football is to carry the temperament and culture of a city, and it is the emotional sustenance of the majority of fans. Love football, because each of us deeply loves the city where we live! The Liverpool team, which was crowned the Premier League champion after 30 years, is the epitome of the long history and cultural heritage of this old industrial city in northwest England. The once smashing European giants Barcelona attract many fans from all over the world to the Nou Camp every year. pilgrimage?

Caption: With the help of the Chinese Super League, Suzhou has launched a new sports consumption model of "visiting night markets, enjoying sports, watching football games, tasting food, and receiving benefits".

In the same way, the Chinese Super League's competition in the Suzhou Division also shows the charm of this city. From a football perspective, although Suzhou does not have a Chinese Super League team, the city has two Chinese League teams, Suzhou Soochow and Kunshan FC. In the 2017 Football Association Cup, Suzhou Soochow, who is still in the Chinese Second Division, sent a substitute lineup and played with the Chinese Super League giant Shanghai SIPG, who sent the strongest local players to the 17th round of penalty shootouts. In the end, they were defeated. The strength of Suzhou football can be seen.

Rich Suzhou shows the charm of the city

From the perspective of the combination of sports and brigade, the Suzhou Division allows players to taste Soviet-style noodles, which is a brave attempt to actively show the city's culture. Southern pie represented by Su-style noodles and northern pie represented by Shaanxi noodles, which one is more delicious? On the Internet, many food lovers have been arguing, and they have not stopped. In fact, Suzhou has been a place rich in products since ancient times. You don’t have to worry about eating and drinking. In some places, when you only have enough food and clothing, Su-style noodles have begun to think about eating better, paying more attention to history and stories.

With the help of becoming the platform of the Super League, the public appearance of Su-style noodles in the football circle is not just a bowl of noodles, but through the iconic cuisine to show the outside world the characteristics, heritage and culture of this city.

Football is a luxury and needs financial support. The teams competing for the championship in the Chinese Super League always have the Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou teams; a city with a derby in the same city cannot do without Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. From the perspective of economic data, the city of Suzhou already has the strength to own a Chinese Super League club. In the 2019 national urban GDP ranking list, Suzhou ranked sixth with 1,923.580 billion yuan, and the development momentum is good. The sports industry has also taken advantage of this spring breeze to rise strongly. In 2018, the total scale of Suzhou's sports and related industries reached 90.506 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 12.7%, and the momentum was rapid.

Caption: Suzhou in the new era can create a new trend of drinking tea, eating noodles and watching football.

Every day I wake up, there are three major things in old Suzhou: drinking tea, eating noodles, and listening to pingtan. As an emerging city in the reform and development of Chinese football, Suzhou became one of the host cities of the 2023 Asian Cup last year. In fact, taking advantage of the opportunity of the Chinese Super League in the Suzhou Division, the city needs to better cultivate its own fan base, especially to attract the attention of young people. One day in the future, the new Suzhou people will begin to form the habit of "drinking tea, eating noodles, and watching football", and the city will already have its own football culture and heritage.


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