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Another god picture is on fire. Two bald-headed masters talk after the game. ...









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After double-killing Real Madrid with two 2-1 scores, Manchester City reached the quarter-finals of the Champions League this season. After the game, the head coaches of the two teams left a picture together.

After the game, both Guardiola and Zidane stayed in the stadium. Gua Shuai sat on a trolley beverage box, Zidane stood in front of Pep with his hands in his pockets. The two famous marshals talked face to face, and Guardiola made a gesture wherever he went. This scene is like a teacher giving lectures to students at his desk.

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After entering Real Madrid, Zidane has been regarded as the Champions League Koi. When he first coached Real Madrid, Zidane won the Champions League three times in two and a half years. When Zidane returned to Real Madrid last season, the Whites had already been eliminated in the Champions League. This time the Champions League is out tonight, it is the first time Zidane has been eliminated in the Champions League since he took charge of Real Madrid.

Before the elimination of Real Madrid tonight, Guardiola led Barcelona in the 10/11 Champions League semi-finals to block Mourinho's Real Madrid from the finals. In history, Guardiola became the third coach to eliminate Real Madrid twice. Before that, only Lippi and Heathfield had done this. As Barcelona's top star, Guardiola pushed Real Madrid into the abyss of 16 francs in the Champions League for two consecutive years.


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