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The top five league champions are often the most powerful contenders for the Champions League trophy. But in the Champions League this season, the situation is completely different. The quarterfinals have not yet been fully released, but 3 champion teams in the five major leagues have been eliminated!

So far, only Ligue 1 champion Paris has advanced to the quarterfinals of the Champions League. In the 1/8 finals, Paris lost 1-2 away to Dortmund in the first leg and returned to home 2-0 to reverse.

Premier League champion Liverpool was eliminated by La Liga third Atletico Madrid. In the first leg, Atletico Madrid beat Liverpool 1-0 at home. In the second round, Atletico won 3-2 overtime and eliminated the defending champion with a total score of 4-2.

Tonight, La Liga champions Real Madrid and Serie A champions Juventus are also out. Facing Premier League runner-up Manchester City, Real Madrid lost 1-2 in both rounds, and Guardiola taught Zidane a lesson. Juventus was eliminated by the 7th Lyon in Ligue 1 and it was a super upset. Juventus lost 0-1 away in the first round and won 2-1 at home in the second round. In the case of a tie between the two sides, Juventus was out for not having an away goal.

Among the five major league championship teams, only Bayern has not yet completed the 1/8 finals. At 3 o'clock tomorrow, Bayern will play Chelsea at home. In the first leg of the game, Bayern won 3-0 away, and the Bundesliga giants were almost no suspense in reaching the quarterfinals.

The three major league champions missed the Champions League quarter-finals, who is the biggest winner? It may be Atletico led by Simeone. In the Champions League, Simeone has never led Atletico to eliminate Real Madrid, nor has he led Atletico to eliminate Cristiano Ronaldo's Juventus. Now that Real Madrid and Juventus are both out, the handsome guy is about to laugh out loud. Under the single game system, Atletico Madrid, which is defensively stable and mentally powerful, is an opponent that no wealthy team wants to touch.


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