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In the locker room after the game, what is Messi thinking? In the locker room after the game, what is Messi thinking?

   Rio Ferdinand believes that the 33-year-old Messi should consider leaving Barcelona.

  Barca was humiliated by Bayern Munich 8-2, Messi was helpless. Ferdinand said that this Barcelona is no longer worthy of the Argentine star. "What will Messi think of when he comes home tonight?"

   "Does he still want to devote his remaining time to this jersey? Considering the current situation of Barcelona and the current situation of the lineup, compare it with other teams in Europe. Does he have time to sit there and wait?"

   "Football is a fast-changing sport. Messi will have the ability to influence the game in the next two years. Does he want to continue like this, unable to compete for major trophies?"

“Barça’s signings in recent years have been too bad, and they are still relying on the people in the past. It’s not easy to rebuild. Now Setien is probably packing up his things and preparing to leave, but he has already taken over. It's a mess. Now, who will take over?"


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