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With a 2-8 defeat, Barcelona have fallen to the Champions League quarter-finals four times in the last five seasons. Since winning the Champions League in 2015, the Red and Blues have spent 989 million euros to sign 23 players, and the average transfer fee for each new aid is as high as 43 million euros. But of these 23 players, only 5 appeared in the last game against Bayern.

In the past five years, Barcelona has made great efforts in the transfer period, but the renewal of the Red and Blue Corps has been difficult. After spending nearly 1 billion euros, Barcelona still rely on Messi and Suarez on the offensive end, and Pique and Ter Stegen on the defensive end. The 23 transfers in 5 years can be regarded as Barcelona's history of blood and tears in recent years. What makes the uniform group even more embarrassing is that none of the 5 standard kings in the 5 seasons has played a worthy performance!

In the 2015-16 season, Barcelona grabbed Atletico’s core Turan with a price of 40 million euros. The Turkish international became the Barcelona standard king this season, but Turan’s performance at Barcelona was hard to say. It was not until last month that Barcelona finally got rid of it. Turan’s contract. This summer, Barcelona also spent 22 million euros to bring A-Vidal from Seville to the Nou Camp.

In the 16-17 season, Barcelona started large-scale signings after being eliminated by Atletico in the Champions League quarterfinals. This season's standard champion became Valencia midfielder Andre Gomez. The arrival of the Portuguese international made Barcelona pay Up to 50 million euros. In addition, Paco (30 million euros), Umtiti (25 million euros), Digne (16 million euros), Silesian (16 million euros), Dan Su (3 million euros) ) Also joined this summer. Unfortunately, such a large-scale signings did not allow Barcelona to avoid the fate of the Champions League out. After experiencing an epic 6-1 reversal against Paris, Barcelona fell to Juventus in the quarter-finals. Of the several new players this season, Umtiti is currently the only one who is still playing in Barcelona.

In the summer of 2017, Neymar’s departure forced Barcelona to make drastic changes to the lineup. French genius Dembele and Liverpool core Coutinho joined in the summer and winter transfer periods, and the two spent a total of the Red and Blues. More than 300 million euros. In addition, Barcelona also used 40 million euros of liquidated damages to dig Evergrande midfielder Paulinho, and introduced Semedo from Benfica with 35 million euros. Colombian defender Mina also put on red and blue with a 9 million euro transfer fee. Striped shirt. Among them, only Semedo represented Barcelona in the game against Bayern the day before. What is more worrying is that Coutinho, who was loaned to Bayern, scored 3 goals after the bench, which made Barcelona's fiasco worse. At present, the future of the Brazil international is up in the air. Dembele has gradually consumed Barcelona's patience under endless injuries. The French winger, who has not played for Barcelona since November last year, may be purged from the team this summer. This season's Champions League quarter-finals, Barcelona was staged a crazy reversal by Rome, stopping in the quarterfinals.

In the 18-19 season, Barcelona spent 136 million euros to introduce Malcolm, Artur, Langley, Vidal and Todibo one after another. Brazilian winger Malcolm became the team's internal bid king this year. However, while playing for Barcelona, ​​Malcolm only played 15 games in La Liga and was loaned to Zenit St. Petersburg in the Russian Super League last summer. This year Barcelona still did not get rid of the fate of being reversed. In the first leg of the Champions League semi-finals, Barcelona beat Liverpool 3-0, but a week later, they swallowed a bitter 0-4 at Anfield and personally took the Reds. Sent to the Champions League final.

In the summer of 2019, Griezmann finally put on a red and blue jersey after two years of soap operas. Barcelona paid the French forward 120 million euros in liquidated damages. At the same time, the talented midfielder De Jong of Ajax, Valencia goalkeeper Neto and Betis fullback Fierbo are also joining, including Leganes striker Breiswaite introduced by the winter window, Barcelona is in Last season signings spent 262 million euros. However, Griezmann still has a long way to go to integrate into Barcelona. The Frenchman came off the bench in the game against Bayern, but more often participated in the defense in the backcourt and contributed little to the offensive end.

The 20-21 season has not yet started, and the transfer period has just begun, but unlike Real Madrid's desperate enemy, Barcelona has now spent 91 million euros. After Artur switched to Juventus, Barcelona used 60 million euros to introduce Bosnia and Herzegovina midfielder Pjanic as a substitute. Braga winger Trincon also spent 31 million euros. The 91 million euros for the new season has not been included in the total expenditures of the previous five seasons of Barcelona. If Pjanic and Trincon are included, Barcelona’s transfer fee expenditure during 2015-2020 will reach 1.08 billion euros.


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