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Warm-up-Wu Lei starts with 0 shots in the first half









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In the early morning of August 23, Beijing time, the Spaniard ushered in the first warm-up match before the 20/21 season. In the face of last season's West Division champion Huesca, the Spaniard played a 1-1 draw with his opponent. Chinese striker Wu Lei played the first half, but unfortunately he did not shoot.

In the 22nd minute, the Spaniard took the lead. Melamed made a pass from the left side of the penalty area, and Melendo pushed his left foot from the center of the penalty area, and the ball rolled into the bottom right corner of the goal.

Huesca used a corner kick to equalize the score in the 35th minute. After receiving a header from his teammate, Prido scored with a header from close range.

Wu Lei started the game and he appeared in the center position. Wu Lei played the first half, but didn't finish the shot. Wu Lei's only single-handed shot was also called offside by the assistant referee, and Wu Lei's push was also saved by the goalkeeper. After the intermission, Wu Lei was replaced.


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