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Haishuai recommends Frick to coach! Super warm heart: I know my Bayern









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Bayern won the Champions League, Bundesliga, and German Cup triple crowns in the 2019-20 season. Coach Flick, who took office midway in November last year, contributed a lot. The Bild reported that it was the coach Heynckes who recommended Frick to Bayern to take charge of the team and encouraged him to beat Dortmund after Frick took office.

Bayern did not perform well at the beginning of the season. Former coach Kovac dismissed get out of class in November last year. Bayern also announced that assistant coach Frick will serve as interim coach. You must know that Frick has only served as the coach of the low-level league team in his previous coaching career. Although he has served as Loew's assistant for the German national team for a long time, he has not managed a strong team alone. In this regard, "Bild" revealed that after Kovac was over, it was coach Heynckes who recommended Frick to Bayern to take over the team.

Heynckes, who is currently 75 years old, has served as Bayern coach four times in his coaching career, from 1987 to 1991, briefly coaching 5 games in the 2008-09 season, from 2011 to 2013, and in the 2017-18 season. Heynckes, who had retired after Ancelotti's school, put out the fire again. After Bayern dismissed Kovac in November last year, many fans wanted Heynckes to coach Bayern for the fifth time, but in the end Heynckes recommended Frick to Bayern.

Flick's first Bundesliga game after taking office will lead his team against the formidable enemy Dortmund, Heynckes also specifically called to encourage Flick before the game. According to Bild, Heynckes said on the phone at the time: "Don't worry. You will win 3-0 or 4-0. I know my Bayern." In the end, Bayern did home 4- With 0 victory over Dortmund, Bayern gradually returned to the right track with this victory, and finally won the second triple crown in team history, and Bayern's first triple crown was won in the 2012-13 season coached by Heynckes.

When Bayern and Flick signed in April this year until 2023, Heynckes also publicly stated: "Bayern made a wise decision to renew Flick as the coach. In my opinion, he is the ideal coach of Bayern because He has rich experience in various positions in football in the past. He has excellent coaching skills, leadership, seriousness, unity, and an excellent public image. I wish him and Bayern in three events this season China has achieved the greatest success.” At the time, Bayern CEO Rummenigge once revealed that the club had consulted Heynckes before renewing Frick.

After Frick led his team to win the Champions League this season, former Bayern coach Kovac also congratulated him. Kovac said: "I texted him and some Bayern players to congratulate them because they are worthy of the championship. They did have an excellent season in the Champions League, dominated the game, and were the best performers. The team! I'm sure only Bayern can be the winner."


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