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Bayern all sorts of "destroyed" the locker room, but he was wiping









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After winning the Champions League, the Bayern players almost broke the trophy. Lucas put the trophy on his head as a hat, and Thiago used the trophy as a wine glass. He poured beer in the trophy and drank it happily. After returning to the locker room, the Bayern players sang and danced to celebrate the championship. Real Madrid's rental general, Odriosola, has done a "clean" job.

While his teammates were singing and dancing, Odriosola picked up a towel and carefully wiped the Champions League trophy. Odriosola joined Real Madrid from Real Sociedad in 2018. This is the first time in his career that he has reached the top of Europe.

In the second half of the season, Odriosola only played 6 times for Bayern. At the end of this season, Odriosola is going back to Real Madrid. On Twitter, Odriosola said goodbye to Bayern: "The best way to say goodbye to everyone is to leave with the champion. Now I know why Bayern is such a legendary club, I am from my heart. Thank you so much!"

In the next season, Odriosola will not be rented or purged by Real Madrid, he will stay with the team as a substitute right back. After selling Ashraf to Inter Milan, Real Madrid decided to recall Odriosola, who will serve as Carvajal's number one substitute.


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