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Shanghai "returns to the carbine" in case of high temperature: "steam first, then cook" and then "cold"
Shanghai encountered high temperature "back carbine". After the Shanghai Central Meteorological Observatory issued the yellow high temperature warning signal on the 8th, the yellow warning signal of thunder and lightning was hung, and hail appeared in some areas.
   After entering the Bailu solar term, Shencheng, who spent the entire August in the "high fever", gradually "fed off". With the slow cool breeze, you feel comfortable in the morning and evening, and the autumn mood is getting stronger.
   However, the familiar high temperature "yellow label" killed a "return to the carbine": at 12 o'clock that day, the Shanghai Central Meteorological Observatory issued a high temperature yellow warning signal, and the highest temperature stood at 35.5°C. As the convective cloud cluster develops in the afternoon, the yellow thunder warning is high. Short-term strong precipitation and strong winds occurred in the northern part of Shanghai, especially hail in some areas of Jiading.
   At about 15:00 that day, hail suddenly fell near Xuxing Town, Jiading District, Shanghai. All of a sudden, hail crackling the size of crystal sugar particles fell from the sky. "Although it lasted less than 10 minutes, but the first time I saw hail, I was a little shocked." A netizen in Shanghai took this scene and said on social platforms.
   The high temperature and heavy rain that day, coupled with the sudden attack of hail, the Shanghainese joked: "'Steam first, then cook' and then'cold', I feel like a'big dish'."
   The hot day in September is not common in Shanghai. According to statistics from the Shanghai Meteorological Department, during the 20 years from 2000 to 2019, the Shanghai Xujiahui Meteorological Station had only 4 years of high temperatures in early September.
   Will Shanghai's road to autumn be ambushed by the "autumn tiger"? According to the Shanghai Meteorological Bureau, according to the Shanghai "Autumn Tiger" standard, the phenomenon that the daily maximum temperature exceeds 35℃ for two consecutive days or more in early and mid September is called "Autumn Tiger". Will "Autumn Tiger" emerge this year? Let's see the result on the 9th

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